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Alexandra Potter: “Ballet Heels are the most beautiful and ugly shoes
you would probably find on the global shoe market at the same time.”

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152 Fantastic latex fashion

The content if the first package from Inner Sanctum contained a few dresses and there was this one which I loved from the first moment. Even when it fitted not perfectly. I love latex fashion outfits with little details on it. Those doesn’t even look like latex and they are really feminine. With purple ballet […]

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151 Shiny latex in the wind

This shooting was a fantastic idea by Raymond. He put on the big wind machine and I performed in front of it. Seriously I couldn’t understand my own word because of the loudness and I kept moving in the wind. The new catsuit made by Latex Catfish has an amazing fit. I’d like to shoot […]

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150 Fighting girl shoot

It pays off if you go to a fitness & fight club every week even when it’s just in a photo shoot. So don’t make me angry. ;))) This shoot was fun! The guns were not real but it doesn’t matter it was a highstyle shoot where I use sometimes a different kind of shoes. […]

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