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“Ballet Heels are the most beautiful and ugly shoes you would
probably find on the global shoe market at the same time.”
— Alexandra Potter

my recent updates

166 Sexy latex sport shoot

Combining my first and perfect fitting latex catsuit from Latex Catfish with a rare swimsuit which has also stripes was interesting. Doing sport in latex even split training was difficult. The latex and it’s pressure on the skin makes it much more difficult to pull a weight like I did in the second half of […]

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165 Latex in a Army parachute

I got this new fantastic latex catsuit from Latex Catfish who supports me now mainly. I hope I get a few outfits also from Savage Wear, Bondinage and Inner Sanctum again. I’d like to have some outfits from fashion to fetish and with different styles using when visiting several fetish events this year and of […]

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164 Modern 70’s fashion

I looked through a few magazines and found interesting stuff I wanted to try but in my own way so we went to the small room of the atelier and used the couch there to shoot an outfit which remembers me of elements of the 70’s in a modern way. Raymond liked it to create […]

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my recent posts

One update every week now!

Instead of the 1st, 10th, 15th (Ballet bonus update) and the 20th of a month you’ll get now one update every week on Sunday. The ballet bonus updates were nice for a few of you but also boring because I won’t improve on that part and instead of it you’ll get a latex update. Read more →

Catfish Latex products

I heard a few times about Catfish latex products and after they wrote me an email if I would like to wear their products I accepted and here I present my first product I received. A black standard catsuit with white stripes on the upper bust. Read more →

Inner Sanctum Promo

I’m happy to collaborate now with a new latex label. It’s Inner Sanctum who sponsored a few outfits you’ll see in the next months alongside with new catsuits from Fantastic Rubber. This catsuit (see photo) I wanted to wear so badly! I liked the design and the shattered details are very beautiful. :))

Watch the new website and online shop of Inner Sanctum at

My anthracite big boobs catsuit

I haven’t used this catsuit for a long time but now I did. This big boobs catsuit is just the perfect latex outfit not only because of the big boobs option. ;))) Wearing it for this shooting was a great idea. I like the color and the thin latex which feels really like a second skin. Read more →

Video preview of my upcoming shoot

Raymond asked me spontaneous to shoot outdoor. I accepted and so we could create a good behind-the-scene video. Here is the preview of the video. Read more →

I’m on Apfeltalk!

On Friday at 07:00pm (GMT+1) I’ll be on Apfeltalk Live! an internet Tv channel about Apple and Apple products. They like to get stuff for the wall behind both moderators and I send in something what will be unveiled Friday evening. Read more →