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“Ballet Heels are the most beautiful and ugly shoes you would
probably find on the global shoe market at the same time.”
— Alexandra Potter

my recent updates

189 Fresh latex pool shoot

I had a fantastic idea and I hope you like it. I ordered a pool, filled it with fresh water and did a shoot with Raymond while riding a blown up whale toy and playing with the balls. As swimwear I took the body I have left over. Body:

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187 Red coat and legs

An outfit I like a lot even when it is a kind of a freestyle instead of elegant combination. With the coat I matched the color of the new leggings and my style was complete. Pity for anyone out there I don’t like it so much that I would wear it on the street. ;-P […]

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184 Classic Latex fashion shoot

Like I said in my last shoot with this cage thingy I’d like to use it differently again and it was an amazing shoot which was also broadcasted through Periscope where some of you joined and watched it live. If not get Periscope and start following me: @BalletHeels

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my recent posts

One update every week now!

Instead of the 1st, 10th, 15th (Ballet bonus update) and the 20th of a month you’ll get now one update every week on Sunday. The ballet bonus updates were nice for a few of you but also boring because I won’t improve on that part and instead of it you’ll get a latex update. Read more →

My anthracite big boobs catsuit

I haven’t used this catsuit for a long time but now I did. This big boobs catsuit is just the perfect latex outfit not only because of the big boobs option. ;))) Wearing it for this shooting was a great idea. I like the color and the thin latex which feels really like a second skin. Read more →