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Alexandra Potter: “Ballet Heels are the most beautiful and ugly shoes
you would probably find on the global shoe market at the same time.”

latest updates

160 Relaxing home shoot

During the winter it’s quite hard to find a place to shoot and the temperatures are not so good at the moment that I would do a shoot outdoors. Just got rid of my sickness and don’t want to get in another one. I choose the couch then and Raymond brought me a cup tea. […]

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159 Black shiny bondage catsuit

I wanted to wear this catsuit again because it fits perfectly to my new collared shoots. Being bound in that catsuit would you probably love to see but I want to move around in my shootings and not lay around on the ground squeaking and begging for freedom like a slave girl.

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018 Ballet Bonus update

For my new ballet bonus shoot I thought I use the black thermal catsuit again but this time barefoot with gauntlets I had in my closet. Barefoot dancing is much easier then with my old pointe shoes and with the new one I got but those are pretty damn hard right now.

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