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“Ballet Heels are the most beautiful and ugly shoes you would
probably find on the global shoe market at the same time.”
— Alexandra Potter

my recent updates

180 Street fashion style

While doing my make-up I thought about a red outfit but Raymond had a better idea and put together this printed leggings with the skull shirt and the cap as combination to my blue & white ballet heels I haven’t used very often. It’s also the first outdoor shoot this year. More coming soon…

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179 New dress in Highstyle

Lately I bought myself a new fancy dress and wanted to use it right away for this shoot where I combined elements of ballet with the ballet heels and I could wear my steel cuffs too. With the wind machine it was an almost perfect shoot but it’s time to go outdoor soon.

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178 Longboard fashion shoot

Raymond bought himself a very nice longboard with a custom setup for his needs. I liked it but I’m not into longboards or skateboards very much. Maybe I should try that… At least I could use it for my shoot which is again a bit sporty I guess. :))

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my recent posts

One update every week now!

Instead of the 1st, 10th, 15th (Ballet bonus update) and the 20th of a month you’ll get now one update every week on Sunday. The ballet bonus updates were nice for a few of you but also boring because I won’t improve on that part and instead of it you’ll get a latex update. Read more →

My anthracite big boobs catsuit

I haven’t used this catsuit for a long time but now I did. This big boobs catsuit is just the perfect latex outfit not only because of the big boobs option. ;))) Wearing it for this shooting was a great idea. I like the color and the thin latex which feels really like a second skin. Read more →