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Alexandra Potter: “Ballet Heels are the most beautiful and ugly shoes
you would probably find on the global shoe market at the same time.”

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014 Ballet bonus update

This is one of my favorite ballet bonus shootings. Raymond came up with an idea of creating a dancing white angel who dances around and with a white blanket. His concept was quite nice even when the pants are a little to wide for me but they have a cut at the fron of the […]

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148 Shattered latex collection

When I looked through the photos of Inner Sanctum’s Facebook page I saw this catsuit photographed on some event. The design is just awesome and when I heard Raymond can get this catsuit I was totally in. Even when I wouldn’t wear latex in private I loved it to wear this piece of latex for […]

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147 Riding girl on tip toes

Raymond liked the idea I came up with. So I used the riding pants and gloves together with a chair to go for my own ‘ride’. ;-) I wanted to do this highstyle photo shoot because of it’s uniqueness. I already used these pants but never in a highstyle photo shoot in combination with a […]

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