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Alexandra Potter: “Ballet Heels are the most beautiful and ugly shoes
you would probably find on the global shoe market at the same time.”

latest updates

17 Ballet bonus update

I was asked by Raymond to shoot outdoor in latex when I do my next ballet bonus update and I went down the street to shoot it with him at garages where I made only a few shoots yet. I like those simple locations more then a hotel room or a fancy, romantic location. This […]

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155 Black & White Highstyle fashion

When Raymond said he wants to see me in a black & white outfit for another clean highstyle fashion shoot I thought about the high waist pants and the blouse he bought last summer for me. The latex part couldn’t be a corset and gloves were too less for me so I decided to use […]

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154 Shiny latex girl in a park

Raymond found a beautiful place when he went out with Sarah Wanton to shoot with a dress of Inner Sanctum. I liked it and Juli Lollipop too so we both went there with Raymond to shoot two different sets. We wanted to shoot more and film but unfortunately the park officer wanted us to leave […]

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