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“Ballet Heels are the most beautiful and ugly shoes you would
probably find on the global shoe market at the same time.”
— Alexandra Potter

my recent updates

170 Highstyle secretary in high heels

I thought about what I could do without stressing Raymond too much so he didn’t has to move around and shoot with all the pain. The secretary shoot I saw with Juli Lollipop at lateXperiment was a good idea and I wanted to do my own thing out of it. Corset & Skirt:

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169 Latex & fur in blue light

When I heard Raymond had a disc prolapse and can’t move a bit because of the pain I hoped he could do a shoot in a few days but it took longer then I expected and he did it under heavy pain. I should pre-produce new shoots so the delay isn’t that much. Catsuit:

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168 Fashion cut shoot

Creating a new piece of a fashion shoot I went to Raymond with this green dress which he liked and which he instantly had an idea for. I didn’t know anything before we started to shoot but later that day he send me the first photo of our shoot with the effect he had in […]

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my recent posts

One update every week now!

Instead of the 1st, 10th, 15th (Ballet bonus update) and the 20th of a month you’ll get now one update every week on Sunday. The ballet bonus updates were nice for a few of you but also boring because I won’t improve on that part and instead of it you’ll get a latex update. Read more →

My anthracite big boobs catsuit

I haven’t used this catsuit for a long time but now I did. This big boobs catsuit is just the perfect latex outfit not only because of the big boobs option. ;))) Wearing it for this shooting was a great idea. I like the color and the thin latex which feels really like a second skin. Read more →