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“Ballet Heels are the most beautiful and ugly shoes you would
probably find on the global shoe market at the same time.”
— Alexandra Potter

my recent updates

174 Latex girl bed shoot

A dream of many men; Having me in their bed in latex and ballet heels… At least the shoot will offer view into this. I thought it’s time to do such a shoot again but change the outfit to a metallic blue big boobs catsuit and thigh high ballet heels plus my collar. Catsuit:

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173 Fashion victim shoot

I like dresses but not every dress. This time the dress was good but the size doesn’t fit perfectly… Anyways, I did the shoot with it. Raymond found ballet heels made from leather which I haven’t worn for a long time and I liked them. We ordered a new pair of these but in shiny […]

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172 Fashion inspired by J.P. Gaultier

When Raymond and I talked about a stylish handmade outfit back in 2013 we looked also on the internet and found a kind of an outfit we both liked right away but wanted to do something own. We found Kostuemkunst which was based in Cologne back then and asked them to do this for us […]

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my recent posts

One update every week now!

Instead of the 1st, 10th, 15th (Ballet bonus update) and the 20th of a month you’ll get now one update every week on Sunday. The ballet bonus updates were nice for a few of you but also boring because I won’t improve on that part and instead of it you’ll get a latex update. Read more →

My anthracite big boobs catsuit

I haven’t used this catsuit for a long time but now I did. This big boobs catsuit is just the perfect latex outfit not only because of the big boobs option. ;))) Wearing it for this shooting was a great idea. I like the color and the thin latex which feels really like a second skin. Read more →